Factory history Mikrodvigatel

Present time
The company engineering team is working on the development and production of modern types of electric motors.
In 1996 the factory was reorganized into the Joint-Stock Company Mikrodvigatel.
The company produces low-power electric motors for electrical, medical equipment and industrial automation. It is also the only company in Russia that produces some types of tachogenerators for the machine tool industry.
In 1978, the millionth electric motor produced, and all together in 30 years more than 25 million motors produced, the production of 19 models and 37 modifications of electric motors developed. The products of the Mikrodvigatel factory supplied to over five hundred cities of the USSR. The factory was equipped with the latest technological equipment and integrated automatic lines. Factory had a clinic, kindergarten, dormitory, gym and recreation center near the city.
In 1968, 403 000 electric motors were produced. Products were mainly sent to the cities of Vilnius, Tula, Nalchik.
Later, motors exported to Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.
For great merits in the development of the factory, many workers got government awards. Among them: the head of the foundry A.S.Zhebelev, mechanic V.P. Babich, senior master M.S. Valuev.
Motors were constantly improved, new models were produced, for example, electric motors operating in countries with a humid and hot climate. To increase output, new production capacities were required. For this purpose, a large production building was built. The great merit in the reconstruction of the factory belonged to its director Nugis N.G.
In 1962, 50 000 electric motors were produced for "Venta" vacuum cleaners
and "Nistra" washing machines.
June 12, 1961, the "Gusevsky Repair and Mechanical Factory" renamed to
"Mikrodvigatel" by the USSR Ministry of Electromechanical Industry. The main types of production of the factory were: foundry, stamping, winding-insulating, tool, machining, assembly. The facory began to produce low-power electric motors for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and sewing machines, coffee grinders, sound recording equipment. Model range: induction motors 2, 4, 5, 6, 180 watts for various drives of household appliances, collector motors with a power of 25, 40, 60 watts. for coffee grinders and various bench-type drilling machines, tachogenerators for industrial equipment.
In 1959, the factory began production of new products - low-power electric motors.
August 15, 1955, the "Gusevsky Repair and Mechanical Factory" came into operation.
The company was overhauling tractor engines, electric motors, produced pig feeders, bench vise. The number of employees 76 people.
August 5, 1947, in the Gusev city, the industrial factory, with fourteen workshops, created on the base of dilapidated production facilities of Carl Brandt GmbH & Co.
Workshops of the Carl Brandt's company formed the basis for the creation of the "Gusevsky Repair and Mechanical Factory"
Carl Brandt GmbH & Co. multifunctional company established in Gumbinnen city,
it specialized in the production and sale of various metal products.
1936-1937 year
Carl Brandt's store. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz. Gumbinnen
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